Report of Sports Camp in Seoul,Korea December,1997

Korean & Japanese coaching staff
Korean & Japanese students

報告(日本語) Report in English




Report of Sports Camp in Seoul,Korea

We had the sports camp from December 25 to 30 in Seoul. The members of participant are Mr.Ikari,president of Saitama Badminton Association and 20 junior high students(boys/girls) and some coaches, total is 27 persons. The purpose is to make a friendship between Japan and Korea and to make progress of our skill.
The Seoul City Badminton Association(SCBA) give us the chance when we can practice with junior high and high school students at the gym of The Seoul Commercial High School. And then Mr.Saun-Gok Lee,Director of SCBA was giving us great advice and training. We were appreciated for that. At break time, both students played 'horse ride' and 'jumping rubber rope' together and it seemed to be grown up real friendship. So We were very satisfied with an atmosphere of the place. After all we planed, we came back to Japan with a great memory and cheerful.

Reported by Norio Sugimoto